5 Application Software Required For Efficient Remote Work

Today, no one is surprised by online business. Most often, to switch to a remote work format, specialists will have to master several online services. In the article we will tell you how to organize work remotely: workplace, communications, setting and tracking tasks, monitoring execution.

How to organize remote work of employees?

Remote work has become a new norm for us. Almost every company now offers its employees a flexible, completely remote work format or delegates some of the functions to outsourced professionals.

Let’s start with the fact that not everyone can be transferred to a remote location – it all depends on what duties this or that employee performs, and the entire department. If a person has previously worked at a computer, and all he needed was software and Internet access, then it will not be difficult to transfer such an employee to remote work.

There are the following aspects that should be considered when organizing remote working process:

  • Access to corporate services. Employees must have access from a personal or corporate laptop to all the services they worked within the office – CRM, databases, document management systems, telephony, corporate mail.
  • Corporate data protection. It is necessary to think in advance how to organize data protection so that none of the employees or their household members can copy, distribute or damage them.
  • Work plan. The CEO must assign tasks to the heads of departments, and they should break them down into smaller ones for each employee. As a result, a plan should be created for at least a week.
  • A platform for communication. To transfer employees to remote work, organize an environment for communication and interaction. 

The most necessary software solutions for efficient remote work

The most important thing in any format of work is well-functioning processes for solving problems. If you do not configure them for remote control, failure is inevitable. To prevent this from happening, you need to master the skills of planning a working day, designate control points for completing tasks, build a system for synchronizing employee actions and communication logic.

So, there is a list of 5 application software required for efficient remote activity:

  1. virtual data room (VDR) is a digital platform for secure collaboration and sensitive data storage. The software allows solving problems of automation of work with documents of the enterprises of various scales and spheres of activity, in particular territorially distributed. Software packages of this class provide the organization of legally significant document flow of the company, data repository, automation of office work, coordination of transactions, as well as automation of processes specialized in various areas of business.
  2. Trello is one of the most popular online project management systems and is especially popular among small companies and startups. It allows you to effectively organize work according to the Japanese methodology of kanban boards.
  3. Freeconferencecall.com is a free platform for video conferencing, online meetings with the ability to connect up to 1000 participants. Here you can display materials, presentations, comment on them, upload files and use drawing tools to highlight important parts of the report.
  4. GanttPRO is designed to build visualized charts and plans. The tool can be easily used by both IT teams and freelancers, as well as many other groups from marketing, construction, retail, manufacturing, etc. 
  5. Jira Software is a task manager. The task contains the project name, subject, type, priority. They can be extended with additional files such as photos, screenshots, or comments. The task can be edited or simply change its status, for example, from “open” to “completed”.